Trust Administration

Those appointed as trustee to administer a trust have substantial responsibility and numerous tasks and details to manage. Whether you’re new to the role and find it daunting, or a seasoned professional fiduciary with complex issues to resolve, Gregorian Law, APC, can help.

“I guide new trustees through the trust administration process, trustee’s duties, and court procedures, if applicable –– educating, advising, and assisting with tasks as needed.

I’m also a resource for professional fiduciaries who need assistance with properly performing their duties, understanding applicable law, or handling various issues and challenges. With my experienced guidance, the trustee’s duties, requirements, and unexpected issues that arise can be managed more easily and effectively. This benefits both the professional and ultimately, of course, the beneficiaries.

If you need counsel that you can rely on in this area, I know the importance of accessible support and I make timely, responsive communication a priority.”

Services include

  • Counseling individuals who are trustees or beneficiaries of trusts
  • Advising professional fiduciaries acting as trustees
  • Guiding successor trustees in carrying out their duties under a trust
  • Assisting with trust dispute resolution
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